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Our portal is here for you. We work in the INTERAKTIVE COMMERCE field- what means that we use the newest technologies in order to provide the DIRECT CONNECTION between CONSUMERS (whom is any of us ) and exclusive PRODUSERS. Our commercial project is an intent to create new markets on the internet. We will teach you how, with the use of this COMMERCIAL MODEL you could begin to SAVE your TIME, your MONEY, and also GET the SHERINGPART from created PROFIT. Use the possibility to connect into YOUR OWN SHOPPING PORTALl, and get the NEW INFORMATIONS and ADVANTAGES, which are missing today in the classic world of SHOPPING and COMMERCE. For more information…

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Passive incomme

Do you think that you are having not enough money or time? Most of the people in civilise world are selling their time for money. Some of them beather, some of them worse, but most of them are having one of this problems, and some maybe bouth of them together. Think about it. The snag is simply in the fact, that by selling your time for money you can not have bouth of them together. That is also the reason why today there are so many people, they are looking for something, and even if they dont know exactly what they are looking for, they still doing it.

Interactive Commerce

Interaktive commerce is based on the fundamental channges in the maketing field. Complete every man living today in civilise world is a consument and he is a part of a so-called marketing chain. None of us can avoid this category, if he constantly buy any caind of products, or using some caind of services. Alarming seems then the fact, that after 50 years of his existence can the marketing field swallow 70% till 90% from the price of everything what we buy in a tradicional store.


  • No advertising
  • No borders
  • No investments
  • No boss
  • No limits


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